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When buying your first suits or probably your second. You should first considered on how well the materials used are to it. Because materials are too important in any aspects and it could determined as well on how long that your suits would be last. In addition, suits can be served as an investment as well especially those branded ones. Because as the years passed by these finds are getting more expensive due of the low of production of it. And you may search over the limited suits that are being auctioned online where you could have an idea on how costly it could be when you can still preserved the suits well, when time goes by.

Suit’s should be viewed as a necessary investment; Advice from the experts — what to look for when buying an expensive suit

Many folks tend to wear smart casual using suits when they have parties or especially occasions to attend with. Or been invited to the wedding though it’s not so often to happened and yet you should invest to it as having your own suits, as you’re a young men professional, is really a must and too essentials to have. I am telling you!

So, what should you look out for when buying an luxurious suit?And, it should be the brand or at least the company that made the suits and let me give you a brief idea on how you can buy your own suits through CT shirts – the experts in suit design, that created a guide to make your purchase the right one.

The materials & Fabrics

The Materials and fabrics that make the suit  stunning among others. It can determined the factor as to whether your suit will last the test of time. CT shirts, experts in Men’s suits design, explain further.

Materials for suits really play a big role for the durability of the finds itself. Because materials especially the fabrics are one carries through year long and can be determined on how quality the fabrics used were. And if you were asking me though in which one is better. I think the classic wool made suits are the legend. Because these wool could last for some decades and you can confirm this by checking these old blazers that your great grandfather had left in your stock room which are probably made of wool and in rarely in casimir.

For the cold weather, you can also have the Borg collar men’s suits. Because they are the most demand these passed days due to the recent fashion weeks that had happened in Europe. Hence, having yourself one is pretty understandable on my perspective.

The design The Shape

The design of a suit determines on how you would like it to be fits in your body. Other preferred to be loosen a bit while mostly teens are keen to have a fitted one for them to be looking neat and hunky. 

Often times, the shape of the suits are straight length and nothing fancy at all. But of course, if you are opt to the luxurious looking one which you can expect to be more expensive than to the regular. You can always go to the designer’s stores or these high-end brands that offers a great shape of suits that could compliment the body type you has. But if you’re quite chubby though, I really suggest you to have the kinda fitted suits than to these loosen. Because it can creates an illusion and get you more looking in the right shape, you know.

A canvassed suit jacket has been popular recently due of the changing of weather, winter to spring, as canvas is a great material for spring and it can gives comfortable feels to everyone who wears it. Furthermore, they are usual inexpensive in comparison to the regular suits or these wool made suits, today.

The details In Depth

Actually, doesn’t matter if your suits is costly or not what matter most was, it does fits on you well and you can really pull it off whenever you needed it. Just be mindful on the material used just look for the quality one that you think it would last for a good years and you’re good to go!


When it comes to jackets, Stalk loops on jackets are something to look out for too. This is a Stalk loops are a traditional tailoring feature which neatly keeps your flower stalk tucked away. Although it may not be a necessary feature for everyone,but if it was shows on your tailored made suits that’s way better though.

Examine the buttonholes. Cheaper suits can often have frayed buttonholes as they haven’t been stitched with delicacy so it is highly recommended that you examine the buttonholes. Small details like this are big giveaways as to how your suit has been made.


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