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I know most of you teens are pretty excited to have your first prom and you can even save the date for that, right? and we all know that you wanted yourself to be the most beautiful and been rewarded as the apple of the night on that events hence you should get yourself an lovely and elegant prom dress for you to get the win. So, how you can do this? well, though there’re a lot of shops nearby that offers pre-made dress and even a custom made and yet these are rubbish on my opinion, why? because these dresses are usually costly and yet the materials were all the same to others hence getting yourself to these shops or brands doesn’t make any difference at all. So, I am now suggesting you to take a look on this online shop which I lurked out for quite a long time now called where all the lovely Wine Red Prom Dress were houses.

One Shoulder Bodycon Prom Plus Size Cocktail Bandage Dress

One Shoulder Bodycon Prom Plus Size Cocktail Bandage Dress

For all the type of dresses available today that you could consider on your promenade the one am seeing to trendy to have was the Red Prom Dress because it has a bright color and it can makes you shine the entire prom night so everyone’s can noticed you and might you get the title that night too. And if you aren’t that fond in red color dress, no worries! because you can still have the awesome Sequin Maxi Dress that can brings elegance in you and you might only wear it as among of the people doesn’t aware of this kind of dress for promenade in away you got them quirky and being unique the entire night that can help you bring the title of being the woman of the night.

Long Plunge Sequin Slit Sheer Prom Dress

Long Plunge Sequin Slit Sheer Prom Dress

For more selections, you can go ahead yourself at and you may see there a lot of designs and type of dresses that may get your interests!

In women fashion, there’re a lot of pieces that they could have with for them to be looking so chic and classy. But of course it’s still depending on what they prefer and to what they’re comfortable to wear most of the time hence I am giving you an idea on what to have for the summer season and even to the upcoming fall for you to be still “in” in fashion while wearing what you’d really enjoyed to be look at.

Mini Robe Brodé Plongé – Bleu L

Firstly, let me introduce this one online shop where you could get all the lovely women fashion finds that you’d be needing soon as you keen to have a new get up for yourself. And one thing is for sure to this shop that they did sells out their items in a very reasonable prices unlike when you buy off in the same online stores which are being unpractical available. The shop am talking about was called Actually, I’ve known this shop for quite a while now and I’ve bought something as well back for my sister and my sister told me that she really loves the dress I’ve got for her which is makes me feel relieved as we all know that mostly women are hardly to pleased about when in regards to clothing.

Multi Bretelles Rayé Robe Trapèze – Bleu Et Blanc S

You can even gets some robes de cocktail courtes  and Robes Courtes to this shop for the cheapest prices. By the way, these are the pieces that are now being in trends in transition of weather from summer to fall hence a lot of the chic girls out there are fond in getting themselves some for this – besides this piece is pretty simply and yet it can brings elegance in your end as you wears any. Look on the link given for you to see yourself on how lovely these are!

Zaful 3rd Anniversary blog giveaway

My dear followers, there are some news I would love to share with you guys. One of the biggest online fashion store “Zaful” is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

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22. 06. 2017

Pinstriped Multipurpose Retro Newsboy Hat – Azure

For men’s fashion, well all know that we just had an limited pieces to rock on with in any situation we might got into, I really to any events or gatherings, perhaps, you should attend to which really makes us kinda “dress down” most of the time. But you know what? there are some pieces or accessories rather that you can use to for you to achieve the look you’d be eager to mimic for to do by your own that you gonna see further at the shop I’ve recently found out which calls:

This shop sells a wide array of clothing for both men and women and you can even sees some of the quirky stuff that can make you look so fashionable and unique by putting them up altogether. And one of the great piece you should get from them was this cabbie hat that is perfectly in your formal and casual wear. You can check them out all at the shop mentioned for you to see yourself on how great their famous cabbie hat are.

Metal Letters Camo Splicing Fitted Round Neck Shorts Sleeves T-Shirt For Men

Also, their mens t shirts are superb as well. As they’ve got these printed t-shirts that are rarely to see in the market that you could use too in any special events such as in theme parties, Halloween and even to others. In addition to that, they did have some bling blings too to wear that can really spice it up your whole outfit and of course, to finished up the whole look you should the get yourself a nice pair of shoes which happened they’ve got as well. They did have all the style available and you can either pick the one that can be wear off in both casual and formal styling which is one’s advisable for you to have hence you can maximize the use of the item.