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It is so depressing when you find out that a report you have been working on for days suddenly cannot be opened or is corrupted. Then you would wonder why your antivirus software was unable to detect a virus. If you rely heavily on the internet and have many files stored in your computer, it is a must to have an antivirus software that can counter all types of virus, spyware, and malware. Otherwise, have all your files backed up. Aside from corrupted files, we hear about websites as well as social media accounts getting hacked, and also identity theft. To prevent all of these from happening, download AVG app.

AVG, the best free antivirus for android, works hard to provide security software and services for families and businesses. With AVG installed in your laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, you will never have to worry about viruses, spyware, and malware, and your privacy and identity is always safe. As for businesses, AVG has developed products to protect their data and streamline their IT. They have a wide range of protection, performance, and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses.

Download the AVG android antivirus application at Google Playstore. Some of the app features are WiFi Scanner, Analyzer and Inspector for network encryption; app lock (lock sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety) and picture vault (hide private photos in a password-protected vault); locate your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps; call blocker (filter and block unwanted calls and messages); lock sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your phone settings to secure its configuration; task killer (kill tasks and processes that can slow down your phone); and monitor battery consumption and enable power saving. These are but a few of its great features. AVG AntiVirus Free 2017 (Virus Cleaner) for Android phones and tablets is available in 33 languages.

you head it right that your favorite brand HODINKEE had teamed up with the awesome Ressence to come up with this quirky timepiece here that they’ve called it: Type 1H. Actually, i am not that fond with luxurious brands and items because they aren’t practical at all to consider on my own opinion though but if you have a spare to spend, why not though to have right? beside to Rolex there are a lot of luxurious timepiece to choose from with and one of those is this Type 1H that has a techno design in it and the materials used are really in quality you can see that through the lining of the watch itself.

The watch, Type 1H, has price of  $22,500 USD and they only released 20 of this kind, indeed a limited edition, hence if you really wanted to have this you better act now and have it bought up online now because they only sells this online because they made it too specially to sell over the mortar stores nears you, beside they just got a limited piece of this hence you better check them out now today!