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I bet most of you folks are into sliders these days than to your regular wearable slippers. Because slider are in trend and most of the fashion enthusiasts and even icons are referring this flip flop to wear these days than to the used we have regularly. No doubt then why a lot of brands were having their own collection of this famous sliders and one of the fond brand who came up in their latest slider collection was this Raised by Wolves. Actually, this was my first time hearing the brand though but I think they’re doing great as they have this own slider made for their upcoming collection thus a lot of guys were looking forward on the release of these ” fuck off” sliders. The collection has variety of colors, I think they have a red, gold and this awesome black but the pricing are different depending on the color you’re picking. To learn more about this, you can visit Raised by Wolves main website as they released an press update regarding their collection.

The rapper duo Rae Sremmurd are rocking for CAYLER & SONS’ 2017 Spring/Summer Collection. At first, I really cant find legit this collection because who would be using jeans for the humid kind of weather, especially for summer? And why you would wear an jeans in it at the first place? But upon reviewing their pieces here I’ve found out that they did added some great materials in their pieces that you can still feel comfortable while rocking in it at the same time as you can see these jeans are meanly ripped for you to breath well in the humid weather which is quite reasonable, right? hence I think this collection should be consider as you wanted yourself of be as trendy as these rappers were.

All the pieces that were includes in this collection were already available online over the brand’s online shop. Just head over to there and see for yourself the whole pieces that they’ve been cooked up for us this spring/summer season. And as I’ve sees each pieces were retailing between €28 EUR and €120 EUR which is quite expensive for me though but nevertheless it is worth to have as the pieces were in quality and has a trendy style in it.