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Firstly, sorry if I havent updated you here so often these past few weeks as I am too busy building up my offline life and I think it turned to well now hence I can engaged myself more to my online starting today, yeyeh for that, right? Okay. This recently, I found out that my fave brand with is stussy is having an collaborative done with Schoot for the fall and winter piece for their each store shelves and am so puzzled why on earth the stussy do an quite high-end piece as they are in particular into basic and street wear. But on my back of my mind, I am also excited because this is too new and I know this gonna be a hit to everyone who loves the brand like I do.

As you can see on the top, that was the stussy x schott piece they made and as for now they haven’t released any details yet like the pricing range and availability, but I am pretty sure that before this month will end they’d gonna release it as the fall season is fast approaching and they needed to catch up with the market and have this sell out immediately. And if you were asking me about my thoughts in this, I must say that this jacket is pretty simply and usual and still I fell something’s new in it like there’s a quirkiness which I cant distinguish what it is.. But overall, this item is a must have this fall and winter season..