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It’s not everyday that your boyfriend/husband’s birthday happens that’s why it’s important that whipping for gifts for men is harder than shopping for women. However, if you know your man well, you know which ones to buy and those to be avoided. Think of his personality and interests. Sticking to your budget is also essential and buy only items that’re practical and useful.

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Summer is always fun and the best season to do various things outdoors. So if his birthday falls during this season it’s better to purchase items that he can use. You can give him a baseball cap or hat to shield him from the sunlight as well as stylish Wayfarer or Aviator sunglasses. You can also give him preppy looking polo shirts that he can use while malling or probably while on his outdoor activities. Make sure though that they fit perfectly. Also give him casual shorts that he can wear while swimming in the beach and shopping at the mall. A good belt makes an outfit. Help him look great on the job or out on the town with a fresh belt from a reputable brand. Get him a reversible belt, this way you’re getting two belts for the price of one.

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Look no further and start shopping for these gifts at House of Fraser. In business since 1849, their goal is to provide customers with the best clothes and accessories for both men and women as well as Homeware collections. For men who like stylish and modern suits, they have a collection of really nice Skopes suits. Furthermore, they have suits & tailoring for all occasions and in different sizes. House of Fraser now delivers to over 150 countries with its first international store opening in 2013 in Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Center Mall. Look for items by shopping by department or shopping by brand. They offer free standard delivery on orders over £50.

27. 07. 2016

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As you noticed gels that seems everyone’s fond in wearing jeans for today’s fashion for both men and women. Yes! that’s actually the trend for this year, 2016, that’s why a lot of peeps are getting crazed to have themselves some sorts of jeans for their fashion as it was the most demand and look forward to piece by these fashion enthusiasts and icons hence better yet to fits in and have ourselves at least one jeans to rock on, right?

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Actually, back last year, on the later month, Ive started seeing some celebrities whose fondly wearing jeans outdoor and I dont think this may hit the industry today as even teens are really into it now hence really need to get ourselves one of it, right? but dunno where to buy? no worries then because a timeless denim classic from Levis are in back up and I know mostly of you are quite pleased already on how quality is Levis jeans were and the brand are been in the industry for long time hence they’ve built their reputation when it comes to jeans pieces.

For the cheapest Levis jeans and top you can check them all at as they catered the brand there and give the discounted prices for your own convenient.

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You might rarely sees a group of men having their own manly conversation at the street wearing some sort of quirky colored blazers in them. Actually, this was just a normal in the most dominant fashion countries such as Europe and in the Us particularly in New York City. Actually, these colored blazers are been trend last year,2015, for men to wear but the question is today if these finds are still “in” to wear off? hmm, as I noticed a lot of fashion icons are still getting themselves wrapped with this quirky blazer and and I must say it does looks good in men as long as they know on how they carry themselves well in it.

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Though I know older men are the fondness to wear this kind of trend but still it does fit on the lads as well as long as you can corporate your own style in it hence you must also learn on how you can mix and matches on what you have over your closet.

Other good thing about this blazer is, you can actually dress up and either dress down just remove the blazer on as needed and back it up as you need it best. Indeed! this colored blazer are still in trend and a must have piece today for men’s fashion as you wanted yourself to gets in on what’s new today.

22. 07. 2016

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I thought this recently that my diet isn’t that awesome – actually not all, as I am into junk foods when every time I need to sort out things for my online errands I used to have these junk snacks that pushes me through to do all things that I need to gets done in the time fashion, and I know most of you will relate right as you did the same thing like I just did.

But starting today, I promise that I’ll be more considerate on what I put in my mouth and I only pick those thing that has benefits my entire nutrition. I think I should stock u some fruits and veggies now to my fridge and starting to love to drink water more instead of the sugary soda or juice.

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I’d like to practice myself on drinking teas instead of liquor which I used to have very night also I’ll be more into raw foods to back up all the proteins I’ve losses through years with my poor diet and I’ll be staying quite often now to the gym and even have friend with our park nearby for the morning runs. Yes! I am not engaging myself into this healthy lifestyle as I dont want to comprise my own self as might something happen bad in the future as I continue doing it.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking my health & beauty page for my personal update regarding this change.

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Looking for the best shoes to wear in any season? if so, why not considering having any loafers in you! yes! this shoes are very quirky, stylist, comfortable and most of all are usual cheap than other type of shoes available today in the market. Actually, I am a fan of this shoes and even fond of wearing even for my daily errands because I can even dress up without effort and also dress down as i wanted in no time by just having this shoes alone.

The shoes can be pair off with your formal and casual wears and others paired it up with their summer daily wears too which I found interesting because it does really fits well on that kind of styling too. I think, this shoes should be on each person’s shoes racks as they are that useful and at the same time makes you fashionable as you wears it.

Good thing, gels has their own loafer type of shoes too that they can pull off in any occasion. To learn more about this you can actually heads up on google and search for the most reliable source for your end because as for this post I really cant tell you all as everyone has it’s own liking when it comes on choosing their own footwear hence better yet have one you most desire to have.

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As much as possible I want this site to be versatile wherein I can able to blog up all the details, updates and news fashion for both men and women hence you gonna starting to see the diversity of the sites by having a combined topic posts for that particular matter besides am practicing to have a widen audience through this site for my future plans which I cant disclose as yet here, but of course as I made it right, eventually you’ll know it. But for now lets all shares what in the site and I hope you’ll find it informative and even useful on your end.

Today, what I have was this topic about on how you know your lipstick shade to use. Yes! a lot of gels are having a hard time to know on which color of lipstick they should really get as they wanted to be look good as possible in a particular day or events, let says. Because believe me it is kinda confusing today due with a lots of selection to choose from in which should get but let just all stick it the classic rules which the red colors are the proper on the daily basis use – I meant even those like red and pink are best fits on daily as long you knew on what kind of activities you’ll get that day and for the evening or formal occasions I must suggest you to have this  kinda strong shade like light black or bring pink and orange but of course you’ll have to consider your own fashion tat matter – like you have to blend in to the clothes you’d wearing before picking your lipstick.

To learn more about this, I encourage you then to watch the video on top as she gets all the details needed and you can learn really a lot by watching this video alone.

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I know a lot of us are pretty much excited about summer where you could wear off your fave shorts and even your light and basics tees. Yes! that’s actually my style when it comes to my fashion and I know some of you too. But of course as the season’ changed we need to change the way we dress up too for as to coop up with the new season which may result of not using the old clothes again as you need to change all for that particular season. Like for example on winter we should take those bulky kind of pieces for us to feel warn and fine and it’s not too well for you as you consider having a short on the winter right? hence you should really consider on changing the way you style yourself on each season.

But today , Ive learned that yo can even enjoy your summer shorts to any of the season as long as you know on how you can mix and matches your pieces over your own closet. And if you wonder on how you can survive on the cold breeze when winter comes, well – I just suggest you then to have this high-cut socks that is well fitted on any shorts you have and layer it with you nicely done winter coat and still you may be looking so fashionable by wearing off your old summer shorts. You can actually check some of the fashion mens tutorial online, over YouTube to be specific, for you to know on how to make this right on your end. No worries, because a lot of fashion icons and enthusiasts are doing this already hence you might not be looks like fools as you dont it yourself, too, as it gains a popularity on the fashion industry today when it comes to men’s fashion trend.

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You often sees me blogging up about fashion here mainly. But today, I just thought of putting up some informative posts that can help out those peeps who really seeks the kind of information posted. Today, let me tell you this that a man’s body can really change, yes! believe it and it can happened and you can even make it without realizing it. Though expect the worst scenario along the way by achieving this but at the end of it, it may surely paid off all the efforts you exerted.

I am actually into process on transforming my own self not just my entire body shape but also my totality personality, of course confidence is part of it and on how I look my whole life.

What are things you should do to achieve this?

There’s no a formula on getting this because only yourself can figure out on how you can put yourself into this state. Others prefer consulting in reputable physician first before considering themselves to transform but for me you could just do your diet based on what you love because that’s can help you prolong your chosen diet way.

Of course, constant working out is a big plus but you should get more attention on the food you eat because there’re a lot of foods that we could take that can help burn fats while enjoying eating them, no worries will blog about these foods, I’ll be listing them out, on my other post that will be added on my health & Beauty Category.