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18. 06. 2016


As I noticed, fashion icons, celebrities and enthusiasts are more into this Adidas shoes whenever their fashion is, Ive seen others pull it off to their formal and even casual wear while other are still on the safe section where they just wear it off on their street and daily wear but whatever it was one thing is for sure that this Adidas shoes is now trendy not just locally but also internationally as a lot of peeps are getting crazed with it already.

I think this was the peak season in this sport brand, Adidas, because as we all know that its been years where the rival brand, Nike, was one on the lead when it comes to sport wear but as people changing its taste and now been favorable to Adidas but let see if they sustain this hit as the month goes by.

The one leads on Adidas was their stan smith shoes and this one includes, the photo on top, hence if you want to be in trend just go to any brand store mentioned and ask for the kick’s name to avoid confusion. And as I checked it the shoes are ranging to 100 USD t0 300 USD depending on the style and the edition, just ask your friendly clerk once you got to their store on which one is the most practical to have.