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Not every girls are comfortable with dresses and girl stuff others really loves to have an jeans for their fashion as it can gives a boyish and strong message to other people. Yes! girl can also be chic and still be fashionable using these finds that are meant, usually, for men. But still bear in mind that not all girls can really pull off this kind of statement as it needs a strong personally along with it. I actually sees a lot of fashion bloggers and icons who rock on this kind of statement and yes it does really cool and fine and sometimes it is kind refreshing as it was unusual for a gel to see in this kind of statement.

This only my two cent, just try to pull off yourself in this kind of statement as you really wanna see yourself in it but if this doesn’t go well in your end then try to stick with your old one as you dont want compromise your own fashion style and at the same time it may looks so wrong with you as you pursue it to happen hence it’s better to play safe than sorry.

Where to buy this finds?

Well, a lot of stores, brands and labels are into this as they seen it well already in the industry. But for the cheapest one try to go to forver21 and H&M as these 2 brands has it all and their prices are really compatible than to those luxurious brands we know.