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Bow ties is not that usual to wear by the men as they prefer the classic neck tie than to this. But you know what? as the fashion evolves and as fashion are getting back to the 80’s era this bow tie is getting its spot to the fashion industry today wherein a lot of men , usually fashion icons and enthusiasts, are really pleased to wear one to spice up their whole outfit whether for their casual and formal wear. You can actually check out Paris fashion street snap shots today for you to see on how fond these mens are wearing the cutie bow tie on their outfit.

As for me, bow tie is really a must have because using it you can play with on your outfit as it was indeed a versatile among the others available accessories for men. Why did I say that? well, as you further check it bow tie is so handy and can be easily to put up and down and you can either make yourself dress down anytime you wanted as you gets tired on your formal looks for the day unlike on the classic necktie where its kinda hassle on your end to pull out thus a lot of men are leaving it hanging till the end of day, as they dont have any choice of getting rid off at all.

So, if you wanted to be as fashionable as other men out there, you should then start getting yourself comfortable wearing bow tie as it was a big thing in men’s fashion these days.


As we said fashion statement, a lot of people may thinks about clothes and accesosries thus they/d been more please having these things in them as they wanted themselves to be pretty and chic. But you know what? as for today’s fashion not only these things can be treated or can be says as fashion finds but also this beautifying activities like curling your hairs, doing your eyebrows and even having your nails done. Yes! these are the newest trend these days that of course can makes you “in” for today fashion.

Actually, a lot of fashion guru tells this already throughout the social media that you girls should also consider doing these stuff as you wanted yourself to be as doll as your inspiration. Because these beautifying activities can really enhance your outside beauty that can really affects the inside which can brings confidence too as you make it right hence try to practice these kind of regimens hence you can achieve the most beauty you in no time.

For more tutorials and tips you can heads up over YouTube as I supposed a lot of beauty gurus had been posted their own tutorial videos there on how you can unleash your hidden beauty through these simply girl’s activities that you can do even on your own peace home.