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For 2016 fashion trends, I just noticed that mostly girls are fondly wearing jeans as the accentual of their whole outfit, I dunno if there’s an official release by these high-end brands and designers that the jeans for girls are ones in trend today – but I think it does as a lot of celebrities and fashion enthusiasts are keep on wearing the piece.

I think the look is been trend in 80’s and keep on coming back through generation as people needs to find an inspiration, I think fashion works that well hence we simultaneously sees some old era fashion trends coming back in this age.


But if you were asking me about this new crazed, I must say that it was refreshing and am kind getting tired seeing girls wearing this maxi and mini dresses for time to time hence adding up an little boyish kind of fashion is really a good step for a change. Indeed, we really expecting a lot of new finds to wear this year as the brands and designers states last year. So – am really looking forward then to blog up all these finds soon as these fashion enthusiasts are keep on releasing and making it trend on today’s fashion.